Smoking Facts

Bidis Smoking

Bidis are legally imported from India and are thin unfiltered cigarettes hand-wrapped in Brown leaves and tied with short pieces of thread and are popular with school kids under 18 because they are cheaper than the cost of cigarettes and come in a variety of flavors including root beer, orange, lemon-lime and strawberry.

Bidis deliver twice the amount of tar and seven times the amount of nicotine of regular cigarettes.

Like regular cigarettes, bidis can cause cancer and lead to heart disease, heigh blood pressure, and a host of other serious health problems.

Because bidis deliver greater doses of nicotine to the bloodstream, they are far more addictive than cigarettes.

70 percent of Bidis sold in the US do not have the Surgeon General's warning about the health risks of smoking.

44 percent of kids who smoke bidis do so because they believe that bidis are not addictive and are less dangerous to one's health than cigarettes.