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This site is a resource for interesting Smoking Facts that you might not know about, including some eye-popping smoking statistics compiled from reliable sources such as the EPA , The American Lung Association and from previous Surgeon Generals. Discover what can happen when a pregnant woman smokes or how second hand smoke can effect a nonsmoker and many other smoking facts.

Some Quick Smoking Facts

Smoking Facts Table of Content

Teen Smoking Facts
Teen Smoking Facts
Learn the Facts About Teen Smoking and those who smoke during their adolescence years.


History Smoking
Seldom Known History in Smoking
Columbus Discovered The New World, but did you know he also took credit for introducing Europeans to smoke? Learn more about Smoking through out history in the History Smoking.


Pregnancy Smoking facts
Pregnancy Smoking Facts
The disturbing statistics and and facts on Pregnancy smoking.


Cigar Smoking
Cigar Smoking
Facts About Smoking With Cigars.


Second Hand Smoking
Second Hand Smoking Facts
See How Second Hand Smoking Can Effect A Non-Smoker.


What is Bidis?
Bidis is similar to cigarettes and are popular with high school kids. Find out more about them.


Real Quotes Tobacco Companies
Real Quotes From Tobacco Companies
Straight From the Horse's mouth. Real Quotes of what tobacco companies think of their product.


John Quincy Adams on Smoking
John Quincy Adams on Smoking
What The sixth president of the United States said after he had quit smoking.


More Smoking Facts
Some additional smoking facts you might not know about.

What Happens When You Smoke
How the body reacts when you take that first puff.

Symptoms From Quitting smoking
Common Symptoms of those who try to quit smoking

Benefits From quitting Smoking
The Health benefits from quitting smoking. Some of the benefits can happen very fast.

Other Benefits From Quitting Smoking
Other good benefits that can happen after quiting smoking.

Additional places to learn more about smoking and get help

Extra Smoking Facts
These are real smoking facts researched from different places.